Canon’s Cheapest Cameras Go Cheaper, Are Big Hipstamatic Fans

Canon’s Cheapest Cameras Go Cheaper, Are Big Hipstamatic Fans

Canon’s cheapest point-and-shoots are precisely the kind of cameras getting squeezed by the ever-awesomer cameras packed into smartphones, which have their own tricks, like software filters and easy uploads to online services. Here’s how Canon’s fighting back.

One of the big ways? Taking iPhone photography head on with new effects filters, like a toy camera effect, 720p video and a “discreet mode” that nukes the flash and shutter sound in basically all of their cheapest cameras, the A series.

The top-of-the-line A series, the 16MP A3300 (pictured up top), also shoots faux tilt-shift video. It’s $US180.

My favourite camera of the bunch? The old people camera. The A1200 has giganticish buttons to make it easier to handle, and oh-so-rare in point-and-shoots, an honest-to-god viewfinder. It’s a 12MP shooter with 4x zoom lens than runs on AA batteries. It’s only $US110.

And the other notable number is the A800. It’s stripped down, a 10MP cam that’s sans HD video, but it’s the first time Canon’s ever dipped its toes in the sub-$US100 waters at $US90.


Heighten Creativity And Flair With Canon’s New Powershot A-series Digital Cameras

Integrating Canon’s Latest Features in an Easy-to-Use Format, the PowerShot A-Series Cameras Possess HD Video, Advanced Smart AUTO and Creative Filters with Budget-Friendly Pricing

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., January 5, 2011 – When capturing irreplaceable moments, it is important to use a camera that inspires artistic expression in a simplistic format. Instituting new, creative options with user-friendly functionalities, Canon U.S.A. Inc., a leader in digital imaging, today announced the expansion of the popular PowerShot A-series with four new compact models, the PowerShot A3300 IS, A2200, A1200 and A800 Digital cameras, that allow you to easily capture the moment with creative style. For the first time, three of the PowerShot A-series cameras will have 720p HD video, advanced Smart AUTO including Subject Detection, and Creative Filters including Toy Camera and Monochrome mode, providing an increase in overall convenience and efficiency.

“With a strong dedication to outstanding image output and digital innovation, Canon believes quality is not a commodity, but a requirement when capturing cherished moments,” said Yuichi Ishizuka, executive vice president and general manager, Consumer Imaging Group, Canon U.S.A. “With the inclusion of new Smart AUTO features and HD video capabilities in these budget-friendly PowerShot A-series models, images can be easily personalised and enhance consumers’ photographic memories.”

Beautiful images made simple

Whether at a concert or taking a bike ride with the family, the Canon PowerShot A3300 IS, A2200 and A1200 cameras now have 32 predefined shooting situations in its advanced Smart AUTO feature, with the new addition of Subject Detection, where a specific object is the main focal point of the image.

Live View Control is another useful facet in these three new models, providing beginners with user-friendly terms for altering features within the camera. Brightness, vividness and colour tone, can be quickly adjusted, making it easier for entry-level users to adjust the look and feel of an image.

Ensuring a low-disturbance when capturing photos of a sleeping baby or a wedding ceremony, the PowerShot A3300 IS, A2200 and A1200 models come equipped with a new Discreet Mode. With the press of a button, the camera’s auto-focus assist beam, sound and flash are turned off, making it easier to capture a photo without unnecessary sound or distractions.

For consumers who are transitioning from film to digital, another great feature is the Optical View Finder found in the PowerShot A1200 model. The Optical View Finder offers an easy way to frame shots on a sunny day and is a good option to conserve battery power. Another technology to compensate for potential camera shake, the PowerShot A2200, A1200, A800 cameras feature Blur Reduction, helping to reduce image distortion and to ensure crisp photos.

Express imagination with Creative Filter

Offering users a convenient way to access cool scene modes, the PowerShot A3300 IS, A2200 and A1200 Digital cameras possess Canon’s Creative Filter option. Two new shooting scenes, Toy Camera and Monochrome, join Super Vivid, Fish-eye, Poster Effect and Miniature Effect to make up the suite of Creative Filters offered on the new A-series models. Toy Camera Effect adds a grainy, blurred look to soften photos, illustrating an old-school, 1960’s appearance and Monochrome mode attaches black-and-white, blue or sepia tones to images, displaying a more classic, antiqued appearance.

Canon PowerShot A3300 IS and A2200 Digital Cameras:

Both the PowerShot A3300 IS and A2200 come equipped with 720p HD video. The Canon PowerShot A3300 IS is available in five vibrant colours – grey, red, blue, silver and pink and features a 16.0-Megapixel CCD sensor along with a 5x Optical Zoom with Optical Image Stabilizer, a wide angle 28-140mm equivalent lens and 3.0-inch LCD screen. The PowerShot A2200 Digital camera has a 14.1-Megapixel CCD sensor, 4x Optical Zoom, a wide angle 28-112mm equivalent lens along with a 2.7-inch LCD screen and comes in black, blue, silver and red.

The PowerShot A3300 IS is scheduled to be available in late February for an estimated selling price of $US179.99. The PowerShot A2200 is scheduled to be available in early March for an estimated selling price of $US139.99.

Canon PowerShot A1200 and A800 Digital Cameras:

The Canon PowerShot A1200 Digital camera features 720p HD video and an Optical View Finder. The PowerShot A1200 Digital camera also includes Canon’s basic and easy-to-use mode dial, a 12.1-Megapixel CCD sensor, 4x Optical Zoom, a wide angle 28-112mm equivalent lens and a 2.7-inch LCD screen, AA battery-powered and is available in both black and silver. For the value-conscious consumer, the PowerShot A800 will offer a 10-Megapixel CCD sensor in addition to 19 Smart AUTO scene modes, a 3.3x Optical Zoom with a 37-112mm equivalent lens, a 2.5-inch LCD screen and AA battery-powered.

The PowerShot A1200 is scheduled to be available in early March and will have an estimated selling price of $US109.99. The PowerShot A800 is scheduled to be available in mid-February for an estimated selling price of $US89.99.