Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

It feels like an age since I’ve wrapped up breakfast for you guys. Enjoy!

The State Of Android Froyo Updates Isn’t Pretty
Hopefully Gingerbread will fix this fragmentation. Hopefully…

This Is What You Will Fly In 2025, According To NASA
Not you personally. You’re not qualified. But you’ll fly IN it…

Astrology Is Still Bullshit And The Universe Doesn’t Care About You
Unless you’re Tobias Fünke, in which case the universe wants you to be an actor.

A Few More Unconfirmed iPad 2 Details
SD card slot and front and rear cameras? Glad I waited for V2.

Sierra Point-and-Click Adventures: From The Web To Your iPad
Bookmark this page. So mush entertainment to be had…

Just Discovered: A 2,500-year-old Recipe For Celtic Beer
Sounds… tasty?