Booty Symphony For Android: Make Sweet Music With Big Booties

You know how you've had that urge to combine your love of mobile content creation with your appreciation for rotund hindquarterses? T-Pain has that urge too! His label, Nappy Boy, is addressing it with a new Android app: Booty Symphony.

It's not as crazy as it sounds! Just tap the various booties on the booty soundboard—including snippets from Nappy Boy songs like Tay Dizm's "Point Em Out" and Young Cash's "I'm a Freak" - to create a short, stimulating 30-second video. OK, maybe it's more crazy than it sounds.

But wait! There's a contest! The Booty Symphony-created video with the most views will win its creator 1000 cans of Booty Sweat, the only Tropic Thunder-gag to become an actual energy drink. You can grab the app for free at GetJar; there's also a $3.08 version. [Booty Symphony]

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