BlackBerry Playbook Could Support Android Apps

BlackBerry Playbook Could Support Android Apps

 title=Boy Genius Report has one of the most incredible, yet somewhat believable stories of the year so far – BlackBerry smartphones and RIM’s Playbook tablet could support Android apps in the future!

Apparently BGR has been told by multiple trusted sources that RIM is looking at ways to support Android apps in their own ecosystem. It sounds unbelievable, but it all comes down to Java. It seems that RIM are deciding which Java VM they will use in their upcoming systems, and at the forefront of their thoughts is the Dalvik virtual machine, which just happens to be the same VM Android uses.

That means that there’s a chance that either the Playbook and future BlackBerrys could run Android apps, either through a workaround solution or, as BGR hopefully points out, through a potential alignment with Google for official access.

Obviously, this is still far away from being confirmed information, and the decision doesn’t even appear to have been made yet, but having ANdroid’s catalog of apps running on a BlackBerry device would breathe a whole new life into the smartphone company. Let’s hope it works out.