Bevy Of Ambiguous iPad Placeholders Appear At Best Buy

So there's a new iPad coming soon. Apparently. The speculation surrounding this mystery pad, with its new slots and slimmer profile, is pretty noisy, but Best Buy—bless their little blue and yellow hearts—just made it a little louder.

Over at their web site last night there appeared no fewer than three new iPad listings, complete with wifi—and little else. Not even pictures!

Tantalising tease? Careless employee-related database error? Silly prank or just a crew of Verizon iPads poking out their bezel'd heads? Immaterial, really, as the indications all but point to an iPad 2 refresh/redesign of some kind or another happening in the relatively near future.

The landscape will look a bit different this time around, wouldn't you say? [Best Buy via Engadget]

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