Because Watching These Ball Shaped Objects Bounce And Break Is Beautiful

GE is trying to explain the breakthrough of capturing lost energy and something called dynamic braking. I would care, but watching an egg, christmas ornament, water balloon, and watermelon fall in succession (and slow motion!) has me mesmerised. It's...beautiful. Watch it.

Okay, now that my mind is off balls (did you see that water balloon explode?!), the video was made by GE to explain their hybrid diesel-electric trains. GE explains that energy has been traditionally wasted by motorised vehicles when they brake. The energy generated to stop a moving vehicle is dissipated as heat, lost into the atmosphere.

For GE, their hybrid dynamic braking system captures and stores that energy, then reuses it. This means 10% less CO2 emissions and 10% less diesel fuel than a standard locomotive. The ball shaped objects dropping are supposedly an illustration of the physics behind their science. I just want them to drop more things on that jelly pad. [GE via Fast Company]

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