Army Tanks Of The Future Could Use E-Ink To Become Invisible

What's the best way to sneak up on an enemy? Staying invisible. What's a material which could help something as large as an armoured vehicle camoflage with its surroundings? E-ink. Yes, the very same technology that's used in Rreaders.

BAE Systems, the British company that comes up with crazy concepts and ideas for defence, security and aerospace, has worked with sensors and e-ink to camouflage tanks with its surroundings, projecting the area around it on the outside of the tank no matter how fast it rolls through changing scenery.

While the tech hasn't been put into the warfields yet, BAE is hopeful that the British Army could use it in Afghanistan. Now that e-ink's gone colour though, e-ink projections could be used around the world in other forms, too. I'm just wait for the day James Bond sports a tuxedo made from e-ink. [Telegraph via Popsci]

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