App Deals Of The Day

Today’s app deals include free King of Trindor for iOS, a bunch of free Android apps and discounted games for Windows Phone 7. Full list after the jump.


King of Trindor! for $0 (normally $3.99) • AngerOfStick-Friend for $0 (normally $1.19) • Smoke Monster for $0 (normally $1.19) • Pirate Go for $0 (normally $1.19) • Space Trek for $1.19 (normally $2.49) • Iron Wars for $1.19 (normally $2.49}


Smarter Alarm for $0Car Dock Home v3 for $0Easy Installer for $0droid VNC server (Rooted Only) for $0Penguin Skiing 3D for $0

Windows Phone 7

Weave for $US1.99 (normally $US2.99) • Five-In-A-Row for $US0.99 (normally $US1.99) • Lushington Springs for $US1.99