Andre Agassi Showed A Naked Picture Of Steffi Graf On His Mobile To Boost An Auction

In an effort to spice up an auction for an autographed dish, tennis legend Andre Agassi offered to show the winner a naked picture of his wife, Steffi Graf, right on his mobile phone. The dish sold for over $US4,000.

I'm not exactly sure I'd pay $US4,000 to see a naked Steffi, but if it was for a good cause, well then horndoggery can be justified! I'm pretty sure I wouldn't let another man see a naked mobile phone pic of my wife, but if it was for a good cause, well then maybe a little show and tell can happen. Andre Agassi and the winning bidder both seem pleased by their decisions, though.

Ah, tennis legends. They store nudie pics on their cell phones just like us! Fast forward to the :37 second mark if you want to skip the Chinese newscast. [BuzzFeed]

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