Affinity Chair Sucks The Seated Into Michael Jackson's Dancefloor

Ben Alun-Jones' chair either propels the user into a Billy Jean hellhole, or some sort of cruel '80s hairsalon vortex. Either way, the acrylic chair's sensors activate LEDs, forcing this ho-hum chair into a lit-up, flickering throne.

As you can see in the video above, it resembles just an ordinary chair before the sensors are triggered by nearby movement. I wonder if Alun-Jones could work the same technology into other furniture, such as a bed? I imagine for some people - such as Antoine Dodson's sister - that'd actually be pretty useful.

The Affinity chair can be checked out and set alight in LEDs at the Royal College of Art Interim Show in London between February 2 and 7, and after that at the Victoria and Albert Museum's digital festival on March 5. [Ben Alun-Jones via DesignBoom]

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