A Closer Look At The New Microsoft Surface

One of the awesome announcements at CES this year was the new version of Microsoft's Surface coffee table computer. Microsoft have published this video of the Surface table being used, and it's a very impressive piece of tech. Now all I have to do is convince Seamus we need one in the office...

Obviously it's primarily aimed at the commercial market, but all it needs is a couple of RTS games and it could easily become an awesome centrepiece for anyone. And with the price sitting at $US7600, it's kind of approaching that "affordable" bracket. It's not there yet... but soon it will be.



    They always show it with ho-hum stuff like re-sizing photos or "object aware" corporate guff. - Make it work with an RTS (and angry birds), charge $5K and I will buy one tomorrow.

    It looks really good, Can't wait to see them come out with a more consumer version instead of commercial.

    On that note, If they could produce a smaller version (11" or something), it would probably make a great tablet. Yet to see a tablet reacting that well to touch.

      "Yet to see a tablet reacting that well to touch."

      Are you serious? My iPad reacts better to touch! Soo many times during that video they tried to touch things and it didn't work or the thing they were touching magically moved somewhere they were not touching.

    seems to be a noticeable input lag, which is a shame, as it really disrupts the illusion of it.

    don't get me wrong, I've always loved Surface from the first vids for the first one. but input lag I feel is an underrated problem in almost all touch screen devices that aren't apple. that I've seen.

    I loved the tech demos of Settlers of Catan and Dungeons and Dragons for Surface. Made me want to go out and buy one, but it did seems a little extravagant.

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