12 Robotic Garages Worthy Of A Bond Villain

Got a couple of fancy cars and a couple of million dollars to burn? If you do, you could probably use a robotic garage lot to store them in style. If not, just ogle these mechanical marvels.

Cardok, a secret room car elevator that's perfect for a secret getaway.

The amazing VW Autostadt.

A 1930s Automatic Car Park.

The system Grando, a cylindrical car parking system.

A robotic car park in Mumbai.

Douskos Car Parks: Mechanical underground parking station systems.

A robot car park in Dubai.

Carsafe by Westfalia Technologies.

The Pigeonhole Parking Lot.

Simmatec corp's Automated Car Parking System.

The Opel Tower system.

1928 Kent Garage elevator car park in New York.

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