Your Mobile Phone Can Know Exactly Why You Love Your Fishing Pole

Waving your mobile phone over any old RFID tagged item could automatically bring up photos, videos and other memories on your mobile device. It's called "The Internet of Experiences", and it's the result of newly patented technology from XtremeSignPost.

The technology, described as a "method to promote and distribute multimedia content using radio frequency identification tags", is actually designed for purchasing and marketing. First, your mobile phone is used to identify and purchase consumer products, then it can associate and recall consumer experiences with those products. Using that information, other products can be more effectively personalised and advertised to the consumer.

But the exciting part of the patent is "The Internet of Experiences" - the way your phone would link memories through audio files, video files and photos to RFID tagged items. For instance, swiping your phone over an RFID tagged fishing pole or lure from a recent fishing trip could bring up the video above. Or imagine your kids, or grandkids, swiping their mobile phones (hands? forehead implants?) across an heirloom and getting to see generations of memories, collected in one place.

XtremeSignPost says their tech is ready to be used on a wide range of consumer products with Nokia's Symbian, Apple's iOS, ISIS Mobile Payment and Google's Android Gingerbread platforms. [Business Wire via GigaOM]

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