Your iPhone Can Take Long-Exposure Photos With This Magic App

Sure, you've got your Hipstamatic filters and your ProCamera bag of tricks. But to capture truly ethereal slow-shutter speed shots and lithe light paintings, you're going to need Magic Shutter. It looks pretty amazing and amazingly pretty.

You can choose among front and rear-curtain sync effects in flash modes, meaning that the blur effect either tails or leads the sharp image. It's a creative blend of the iPhone's video and still camera, and may just elevate the app camera effects game from "hipster art" to "art art".

While Magic Shutter does a terrific job of mimicking the blurry beauty of a long-exposure photo, you are a wee bit limited in output resolution because of limitations Apple puts on using the camera at full resolution for video. It's disappointing! But not so much, I'd guess, that it's a dealbreaker, especially at $4 and with an upgrade coming next month that promises improved output. [Magic Shutter via iPhoneography via Wired]

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