You Can’t Escape The Angry Birds Love Fest

You Can’t Escape The Angry Birds Love Fest

 title=You know that app store? No, not the Apple one. No… not the Android Marketplace either. The other one. No, not the Blackberry App World. Or the Windows Market… You know… Nokia’s Ovi Store – that one! Well, turns out they’re doing okay for themselves. And you’ll never guess the most popular app downloaded in Australia…

Okay, you did guess it. According to an announcement from Nokia, the Finnish company’s app store is another nest for Angry Birds lovers. Which isn’t really surprising, given the insane love people seem to have for the game. What is surprising is that Nokia have announced that the store has reached 3.5 million app downloads a day, with 250,000 users signing up to the store daily.

There’s no breakdown of how many of those 3.5 million downloads come from Australia each day, unfortunately. But there is the top five Aussie app downloads:

1. Angry Birds 2. QTorch 3. Need for Speed 4. Marble Maze Classic 5. AccuWeather

As much as the US guys rag on Nokia, it’s good to see that they’re still growing as a platform.