You Can't Escape The Angry Birds Love Fest

You know that app store? No, not the Apple one. No... not the Android Marketplace either. The other one. No, not the Blackberry App World. Or the Windows Market... You know... Nokia's Ovi Store - that one! Well, turns out they're doing okay for themselves. And you'll never guess the most popular app downloaded in Australia...

Okay, you did guess it. According to an announcement from Nokia, the Finnish company's app store is another nest for Angry Birds lovers. Which isn't really surprising, given the insane love people seem to have for the game. What is surprising is that Nokia have announced that the store has reached 3.5 million app downloads a day, with 250,000 users signing up to the store daily.

There's no breakdown of how many of those 3.5 million downloads come from Australia each day, unfortunately. But there is the top five Aussie app downloads:

1. Angry Birds 2. QTorch 3. Need for Speed 4. Marble Maze Classic 5. AccuWeather

As much as the US guys rag on Nokia, it's good to see that they're still growing as a platform.



    I don't get it. Is this article supposed to be sarcastic?

    "growing as a platform"? Nokia's offerings in the last 5 years have been a complete joke. Nobody cares about them anymore.

      Nobody Greg? ....*sniff* I care... *choke*

      I doubly care since I've pre-ordered the E7-00. I'm coming home to Nokia after flirting with everything from HTC, Sony to iOS over the last few years.

      I haven't played with the Ovi Store much beyond setting up a friend's C6-00. Previously my apps were sourced from so I'm hoping that the Ovi Store provides me the basics. I can always side-load from elsewhere.

      mmmm.... free world-wide Ovi Maps and off-line GPS Navigation.... mmmmmmm

        Hope you enjoy your new E7. Btw, we'd love to hear your feedback on the latest Ovi Maps features

      Nobody? I still know plenty of people who swear by them.

      Personally I don't really like Nokia much or care for them, but I'm just one guy and that's just my opinion.

    i love my n900. maemo,meego,android!

    Nokia N8 provide the experience that iPhone can't provide. I've taken 120G more videos and pictures with it. I like the feels to take pic/vid any location and anytime. Besides, it's the only phone have all thses funcs: 12m camera, 720p record, HDMI, BT3.0, wlan 802.b/g/n. While Android lags iPhone by touch feels, lags by N8 by those above. I9000 is just a copy of iPhone, I shame to use it.

    Hi, I work for Nokia

    @Jamie Borg I was just playing with an E7 and you won't be disappointed.

    @yy As a fellow N8 user I agree...I've shot killer videos of my family with the camera and continue to be amazed by the storage capacity

    @ Greg, don't count us out. Our unified developer strategy has already moved more than 1.5 million SDKs and we are showing that we can still play this game...look for more improvements to the Ovi experience in the coming year.

    Shane McLaughlin

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