Yes, There Will Be Dinosaurs On This Full-Scale Noah's Ark

At the press conference yesterday afternoon announcing plans for Ark Encounter, the religious amusement park that will feature a "full-scale Noah's Ark", a park official made it clear: There will be dinosaurs on the Ark, along with giraffes and such.

The company behind this Ark Encounter park, Answers in Genesis, also created the Creation Museum, both in Kentucky. These are the Christians who believe that Jesus lived with dinosaurs, such as friendly velociraptors, in his time. It's an easy way for Creationists to explain why there are dinosaur bones buried all over this fucking planet, even if it makes the least sense of any theory about anything in the history of the universe, ever.

So the plan is to have real animals, in pairs, aboard the full-scale amusement park Ark. But at yesterday's press conference with Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear, Joe Sonka of Kentucky's liberal Barefoot and Progressive blog asked the Answers in Genesis official the great follow-up question of our time:

SONKA: Will there be dinosaurs on the Ark?

ANSWERS IN GENESIS OFFICIAL: [off-mike]Well you know the position of Answers in Genesis so you can probably answer that yourself. We'll have appropriate animals on the ark based on - [on mike]I'm sure we'll have representative kinds of animals on the ark, to include dinosaurs.

And there it is.

Real dinosaurs ain't cheap these days, what with inflation and brokers' fees and the fact that they died 65 million years ago, but maybe they've got a guy on Isla Sorna who can cut 'em a deal? We don't know what "representative kinds" of dinosaurs means, but it better not mean they'll settle for lame Animatronic ones. They already have those robot dinosaurs at Universal Studios and everywhere else. Real dinosaurs or GTFO, Ark Encounter.

[via Think Progress]

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