Yacht Inspired By Zebras Lacks Stripes

We've seen some brilliant yachts here at Gizmodo - some you can buy; most which'll never feel the cool touch of the ocean on its belly - but it's always the concepts which leave me most breathless. Like Feadship's Breathe, here.

Feadship comes up trumps with a new concept superyacht every year, and this year's Breathe design doesn't fail on the sleek good looks the Dutch company has become known for. Supposedly inspired by zebras, it may be lacking in black and white stripes but it's the cooling system which has made it from beast to machine. The hulls are lighter, with funnels darker, to flow the air through the decks, cooling passengers down. Glass shells also act as insulation, cooling the insides while generating energy from the sun at the same time.

However beautiful and sleek Breathe may be, it's not likely to ever jump off the pages of the internet and magazines and into the water - none of Feadship's concepts have ever graced our oceans before. [Feadship via GizMag]

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