Wordless Notion Ink Adam Demo Finally Shows Off Real World Abilities

The Notion Ink Adam sports an impressive Pixel Qi "transflective" display and latent potential galore, but we haven't really seen much from the delayed tablet/ereader combo this year. With the arrival of this silent demo, however, that changes a bit.

The UI is a relatively smooth experience with a bit of choppiness as the motions and content become more complex. Hardware connectivity, shown midway through the demo, works without issue, and the multitasking is certainly there.

What isn't quite here yet is the device itself. AndroidPolice has an interview with man behind the Notion Ink Adam plan, Rohan, about availability, but even with this new information there's still some uncertainty. Did you express interest in the tablet? Did you receive an email? Were you given a pre-order window? Yes? Great, then you *may* be one of the first hardcore Notion Ink Adam owners in existence. Soon.

Nevertheless, the device—it exists! [AndroidPolice via CrunchGear]

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