Will The HTC Incredible HD Come Out To Play On Jan 6?

We've seen a flurry of HTC Incredible HD leaks this week, greater even than god's dandruff falling from the sky, but according to some random website, the 4G phone will be announced January 6th.

The marketing graphic certainly has the design elements of previous HTC material, but we're not at all familiar with the m.us.2mymob.com domain it's appeared on. An AndroidCentral forum user claims he "was just snooping around on the HTC site and i went to the mobile version and well there was a lineup of phones one phone had a caption saying 'the first to 4G again' find out january 6th idk if you guys know what this is already but could it be the Dinc HD? the the new evo knight or whatever its called."

Intriguing, to say the least. This follows the controlled leak of various photos of the Incredible HD given to several tech blogs. HTC kind of gave it away with the non-blurriness of the photos, I must say. The phone is said to be 4G, and headed to Verizon. [M.US.2Mymob via AndroidCentralForums via AndroidCentral]

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