Which Pizza's Best? Nerds Decide In Scientific Eating Experiment

Ordering pizza shouldn't be so difficult, yet it invariably is. First off - which fine establishment to ring? Secondly, of the 15 different deal combos, which suits us? Then, which sauce? Cheese? MEAT? Thus, San Franciscoites performed a scientific test:

A couple of friends gathered together 10 taste testers from all walks of life - there were entrepreneurs; product managers; engineers; designers; a librarian; lawyer; even a scientist specialising in human-computer interaction. All working towards a common goal: to settle the debate of which Chicago-style pizza place is superior in San Francisco.

Three traditional deep dish pizzas were bought in San Francisco, and two frozen pies sent over from Chicago. Pizzas were judged on appearance, smell, texture, taste, finish and a sixth crucial element: how much everyone loved it. The blind taste test was performed with meticulous care by the sounds of Shamurai's story, but there could be just one winner: Patxi's, which almost all of the 12 participants preferred.

Now, who's for ordering a 12-incher for breakfast after reading all of that? [Shamurai via TechCrunch]

Image Credit: Dickuhne

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