Where Are All The AirPlay Gadgets?

Where Are All The AirPlay Gadgets?

We think Airplay – Apple’s wireless streaming technology – is great. But we’re wondering when all the great gear to go along with it will ship.

The kind of good news: We heard some Denon and Marantz receivers are supposed to receive firmware updates later this month that enable Airplay. And Apple’s own AppleTV is shipping right now. But what about the rest of the Airplay gadgets?

iHome promised to be one of the first, with an AirPlay dock arriving “this holiday season”. Now it is this holiday season. So where is the iHome? Arriving next year.

A reader inquiry to iHome was met with the following response:

We went ahead and asked all of Apple’s launch Airplay partners when we’d see the new gear and we received many cryptic responses that couldn’t point to definite release dates. Some people couldn’t comment at all. It all seemed fishier than usual. Which is a shame. Because an Airplay equipped dock seems like a pretty good gift. And if they can’t get them done in time for the important holiday shopping season, I wonder what the hold up is.