What’s That Disembodied Head Doing In My Backyard?

Ghostly faces, disembodied eyes and haunting chandeliers can be found floating against trees and reflected in the water in small cities in Spain. But there's no need to call the Ghostbusters just yet.

Ibon Mainar's "Proyecciones en el Exterior" are simple, fleeting works of projected art against natural backdrops. But in some cases they're just as striking as the complexly choreographed light shows that we're used to seeing as "projected art" - something about the combination of the familiar natural canvas and the glowing, ephemeral images is spookier than the sum of its parts.

Perhaps the best part about Manair's pieces: when he unplugs his projector and steers his truck to some new destination, he leaves his canvasses are just as pristine as when he found them. [Ibon Manair via Designboom]

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