What Is This Weird Opening On This Alleged iPad 2 Cases?

This is supposed to be an iPad 2 case, now for sale in bulk by a Chinese case manufacturer. Surprisingly, the design's top right opening is consistent with the rear-facing camera rumour. But what's that hole on the lower left corner?

That's where the speakers are now, but it seems way to big for them. It has to be something else. Kodawarisan says that it is for the rumoured SD camera card slot, but it's way too big for that too. In any case, I'm very curious now.

The $US2-$US4 cases are only available for bulk sale from a Chinese company, with a minimum 1000-unit order.

Historically, Chinese manufacturers always get a jumpstart when it comes to make skins and cases for future Apple iOS devices. My guess is that they get the physical specs early from the low level operators at the factories that make Apple goods from unicorn ponies and babies. With a rumoured February 2011 and a likely April 2011 launch, the iPad 2 specs are most probably already loaded and ready to go.

In any case, interesting. [Shenzhen MacTop Electronics and Kodawarisan via MacRumors]


    maybe multiple plugs?

    sd card and usb?

    lol why dont they already have them beats me.
    silly apple

    Apple will never make their devices explandable. it doesnt fit their business model.

    I'd think maybe its for something underwhelming. i can't see it being anything for periferals to plug into.

    not buying until it has infrared

    The iPad will never have infared. It's obsolete and it's not valuable enough to have as a remote control.

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