Watch The Birth Of A Skateboard, From Cutting To Quarter Pipe

Even if you're an avid skater, you've probably taken the creation of your board for granted - especially if you're a fortunate customer of Rekiem Skateboards, France's only custom, handcrafted manufacturer. Watch the entire genesis in just over three minutes.

Rekiem skateboard how to make a board from jeremy hugues on Vimeo.

The amount of individual effort that goes into shaping, smoothing, cutting and completing each board is genuinely surprising - and of course the aid of a pretty badass mechanical press doesn't hurt. But each hole has to be drilled by hand, each jagged edge sanded manually. Plus, the feeling of being able to - after quite a few hours of work - hop onto something you just made from crude, raw materials, and ride it up a ramp must be pretty damn gratifying.


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