Want Aerial Footage? Grab 30 Helium Balloons And Go Skyfishing

There are plenty of ways to get a camera in the air - but few are cheap. Even fewer of them are as clever and (downright pretty) as cinematographer Tom Guilmette's floating balloon and fishing rod contraption. And it's HD!

The setup, a rig Guilmette uses to go "skyfishing" requires mostly inexpensive parts - stuff, he says, you can find at any Walmart. All that's required is some cheaply hacked styrofoam, helium, party balloons, and, of course, a camera. Guilmette uses a GoPro Hero cam for 720p video, but any lightweight shooter would probably work.

The results - after some patience-intensive balloon inflation - are pretty great. The video is smooth, and the view is, of course, killer. Plus, controlling the entire outlandish thing with a fishing rod is an experience in itself. [Tom Guilmette via PetaPixel]

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