Vote In the 2010 Australian Gizmodo Awards: Best Computer Category

2010 was a HUGE year for technology. To recognise all the awesome gadgetry we've seen and played with this year, we're planning on recognising the best of the best with the inaugural Australian Gizmodo Gadget Awards. And voting is officially open... Now!

Today, we're opening the vote for the Best Computer category. Thanks to your nominations, we've come up with ten of our favourite computers from the past 12 months, which you can vote for in the poll below.

There are two classes for the awards: The Readers' Choice - which is where you get to vote for your favourite gadget of the year in each category - and the Editor's Choice, where the Giz AU team does the same. After a week of voting, numbers will be tallied and winners of each category will be announced.

So make sure you vote for your favourite computer of 2010 below, and feel free to tell everyone you know to do the same.

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