'TSA-Proof' Boxer Shorts Protect Your Modesty (And Their Eyes)

The hubbub over the TSA scanners has died down a little, but our privacy is still at risk when flying. It's no surprised companies like Betabrand are scurrying to invent scanner-proof underwear, which hides private parts from pervy machines.

Betabrand is seeking 50 people to test our their Privates underwear, to ensure they protect the user's modesty, but also don't lead to more lengthy strip searches. Supposedly they boxers are made from scanner-resistant fabric, with the pattern blurring out what's underneath.

To become a tester, there is one rather large catch: you must pay them $US100 for the underwear. Sounds like a swizz if ever I heard one, but that's the price privacy costs, evidently.

If all goes well, the underwear should hit shops in the first quarter of 2011. [Betabrand via TechCrunch]

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