To Inflate This Roof You'll Have To Roast Some Serious Chestnuts

This isn't your typical glowing, inflatable picnic roof. No no. This Dutch design is inflated via hot air produced by a wood-burning oven, used to cook nuts, hot chocolate, or whatever else you'd like. And it looks amazing.

The pillowy project, entitled "The Roof That Goes Up in Smoke" (we hope only figuratively), is a pretty great idea. The design takes activities you'd want to be doing anyway (sitting with friends, eating, drinking, keeping warm) and uses the heat generated to create a structure. The hot air has to go somewhere, so it's plain smart to funnel it into a protective roof.

The setup, designed by Dutch firm Overtreders W, was installed in three locations: two graveyards and a mental hospital. Not exactly the most festive environs, but the sight of a giant, roasted nut-powered glow pillow probably canceled out the otherwise creepy vibes. [Dezeen]

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