To Hell With Lamps, This Chair Lights Itself

In case you can't tell, we love minimalism at Giz. Why use two things when you can use one good one? Two Dutch designers agree, crafting these two-in-one chairs that make the reading light obsolete - start drooling, bookworms.

They make look freakish at first glance, but it's a delicious union of objects - how often do you find yourself sitting with lighting that doesn't quite cut it? A lamp that doesn't quite reach? An eye-gouging fluorescent light above you? These reading chairs bring all the lighting you'll ever need and look striking in the process.

Or, if you don't want a chair, the thing transforms! Fold it up and lean it against the wall, and retain the charming lighting. Another nice touch? The lampshade's chopped form means it'll sit flush against walls.

The designers say the concept's aimed at reading to children, but this looks like more of a solo seat - and some arm rest would have been nice. I don't want to cramp up in the middle of a long read. [Nieuwe Heren via designboom]

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