TimeCommand Dock Controls Everything On Your Night Stand

Most docks just play music. That's so vanilla! Pair your iWhatever with the TimeCommand dock and the accompanying Stem:Connect app and you can dim your f-ing lamps from your touchscreen. And set some of the most crazily customizable alarms imaginable.

If TimeCommand sounds like some futuristic government branch in a dystopian sci-fi movie, well, that's about the level this iPod/iPad/iPhone command station is on, at least compared to others of its ilk. How's that? Well...

First, AUTOMATED LAMP CONTROL. Plug one in to the TimeCommand's power supply and you can dim it from your iDevice (if it has an incandescent bulb), or set it to automatically shut on or off when you're waking up or falling asleep. Very futuristic.

The TimeCommand has exceedingly complex versions of all the regular features too. It plays your iPhones' tunes - with a 10-band equaliser. It lets you set alarms - and packs a back-up battery in case your power goes out in the middle of the night. Just don't tell your boss you have this incredible, infallable never-be-late-to-work machine.

The TimeCommand will be available in Apple Stores this month. [Stem Innovation]

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