This Traffic Camera Is A Little Different: It Pays You Money

Now this, this is a traffic camera I can get behind. The Speed Camera Lottery, a winning project for Volkswagen's Fun Theory series, sends tickets to speeders and enters law-abiding drivers in a lottery to win their money. Awesome auto-karma.

The Fun Theory is basically thus: people will do the right thing if you make the right thing fun to do. Winning other peoples' money is totally fun, so Kevin Richardson designed a traffic camera that would facilitate just that. Bad drivers get tickets; good drivers get entered in a lottery to win the cash. And in this case the Fun Theory held true—the average speed of traffic went down 7 km/hour with the Lottery Camera installed. [YouTube]


    Fantastic concept but that would NEVER work in Victoria. Can anyone see the government giving any of their speed camera revenue away?

      lol yeah, it would actually become about getting people to slow down, rather than just revenue raising.


      also, I'm pretty sure the Gov outlawed 'fun' in 1973.

    Yes... our government would rather keep the money to themselves than have this system out there.

    Did you know if i were to speed (granted i don't pass this intersection), i'd probably save about 20 minutes worth of driving per day. Now that equates to about 4.35 litres of saved fuel per day, or in today's price of petrol = $5-6$ per day.

    In a week i've saved $25-$30 from speeding to and from work - and that's only doing 10 k's higher than the speed limit - nothing crazy.

    I'd rather keep that money in my pocket than have the "chance" to win a jackpot among how many cars? 25,000?

    It's just like choosing to not buy that saturday lotto ticket for the next 20 years. You'll be better for it in the long run.

    Also, i don't advocate speeding - i'm just stating the reality.

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