This Thermometer Won't Let You Screw Up The Christmas Ham

Unlike other meat thermometers, this iGrill meat thermometer will connect to your iPhone via Bluetooth, so that you can check the status of whatever meat you're cooking from any room in the house. Also, I just like saying meat thermometer.

The $US100 meat thermometer features a range of 60m, will register temperatures up to 204C, and if you don't have an iPhone, you can also use the simple display box that comes with it. Furthermore, if you purchase a second meat thermometer for an extra $US20, the iGrill app will track both foods cooking at once, in what is termed as "MULTI-PROBE CAPACITY". (Exciting!)

Aaaaaaand now that I'm completely unsure whether or not I'm describing a culinary aid or some cutting-edge sex toy, I'll just leave you the link and shut the hell up. [iGrill]

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