This Scumbag Stole Video Game Consoles From A Children's Cancer Hospital

You'd think there would be some honour amongst thieves but nope, it's just scumbag after scumbag. Like this heartless jerk, he stole video game consoles that were used by young cancer patients at Carolinas Medical centre and hasn't been caught yet.

Police say that the man stole five game systems, including Xboxes, from an office on CMC's campus between 9 AM and 10 AM last Saturday. Luckily, there were no patients inside that office. The video game systems were obviously used by the children to get their mind off of their grave situations, to rob them of that isn't just criminal, it's soulless.

Hopefully, Carolinas Medical centre can find a way to get new systems (and that the local police department can snag the jerk). [WSOCTV via CrunchGear]

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