This Glowing Jellyfish Is A Table AND A Lamp

If you're into cooking Asian fare, you might have a traditional hot pot—but we guarantee it doesn't look anything like this. Not only does this one look like an alien probe—it flips over to convert into a lamp.

Designer Tan Lun Cheak calls his hybrid creature the "Glowbelly"—a fitting name for sure. Inside the pyro-ceramics skeleton—definitely reminiscent of Harmon Kardon's iconic iSub woofer—lies a single bulb, which gives the bowl (or lamp!) and otherworldly glow. The kitchen-grade material also means you can freeze or bake the hell out of the thing (though we'd recommend taking out the bulb first—tungsten filaments in your stew are kind of a dinner-ender). [MoCo Loco]

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