These Strange Experimental Instruments Are Played With A Partner

A musical duet can be killer—but it rarely looks (or sounds) so strange. Matt West's experimental "Collaborative Instruments" require a duo—but it instead of alternating, they're required to control the same spacey, digital sound at the same time.

For each of the various prototype instruments, you and a friend both have a specific role: one controls the rhythm, and one controls the pitch. Together, you'll create a completely unique sound that relies on your cooperation (or whims). Think of it as a sort of musical ouija board—you might end up making some beautiful music, it's hard to say if it was just by chance.

This early prototype video shows the concept in action. It may just sound like a lot of bleeps and bloops, but it's truly social bleeping and blooping—and if you work well enough together, you might be able to use West's instruments to bloop together something special. [Matt West via PSFK]

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