These Prosthetics Limbs Look Better Than Many Real Ones

Let's get something straight - amputation is an awful, tragic thing. That being said, these personally customised prosthetic limbs are wonderful in that they make people mobile again - and look like German sports cars. Great industrial design for a great cause.

When Bespoke Innovations, the firm behind the prosthetics, has a new client, they're given a substantive interview to cook up an artificial limb that'll match the person it's attached to, in terms of both visuals and interests. No store-bought parts are used - everything is prototyped and printed in house, meaning a client gets a new leg that's unlike any other in the world. And the results are pretty fantastic. Core77 has a full interview with Scott Summit, the industrial designer behind the project, for more details on the genesis of each limb.

I don't want to say beautiful, since, right, we're talking about a part of someone's life-changing devastation - but the amount of emotional and design care put into these things is commendable. Summit's work is a solution to that devastation - not a perfect one, but one that can be used with pride.

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