These Headphones Are The Closest You Will Ever Get To The World Of Tron

Disney has teamed up with Monster to create these official Tron: Legacy T1 headphones, which have lights that glow and move and generally please the eyes. And I'm pretty sure you can listen to stuff with 'em as well.

These noise-isolating cans are designed for gaming, and as such, come with a detachable boom mic so that you can make yourself heard while raiding or rushing in whatever Blizzard game it is that you kids play these days. Available in White/Silver or Black, the lines and general styling of the headphones certainly aren't lacking in flair, but I would have preferred something a bit more minimal to go with all those nice blue lights.

And—as it typically goes with Monster products—they're not cheap. These things are $US300 on Amazon. But sometimes, that's the price you pay to feel like you're from the future.

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