These Colourful Chips Turn Plastic Into Music

It's easy to feel rhythm, not not so easy to see it. Impossible, really, unless you're watching a non-klutz dance, or grabbing the Tangible Color Music Instrument, which lets you put music together - literally. Combine plastic wafers for electro-sounds.

Design student Ryan Raffa created a music light box, scanned, radar-style, by an overhead camera. The result is a simple digital music player that can change its sound as quickly as you can touch it. It's also quite pretty in the process, as you shift and overlap the rainbow chips it uses to create tones.

We've seen this sort of thing a million times in either app or web form, but it looks like it'd be fun to toy with as an actual physical thing. There's nothing quite like using your hands. [Ryan Raffa via Creative Applications]

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