The TSA Let A Loaded Gun Get On An Aeroplane

The TSA Let A Loaded Gun Get On An Aeroplane

A man accidentally brought his loaded .40 calibre gun onto the aeroplane. He didn’t know he had it. Neither did the TSA, who completely missed it during its scan and allowed it to be brought onboard. Apparently, this happens a lot.

Farid Seif, a Houson businessman, usually carries the weapon around for protection. He didn’t realise he had kept the glock in his carry-on computer bag until he was mid-flight. Once he landed, he immediately reported the incident (and was stunned he was able to get it on board with no problem). That should be scary in itself, but authorities tell ABC News says that that sort of incident isn’t uncommon:

Experts say every year since the September 11 attacks, federal agencies have conducted random, covert tests of airport security.

A person briefed on the latest tests tells ABC News the failure rate approaches 70 percent at some major airports. Two weeks ago, TSA’s new director said every test gun, bomb part or knife got past screeners at some airports.

We put up with the TSA and their foolish methods in name of security but if they’re not securing us, well shit, why do we put up with it? Here’s the news report:

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