The Top US Posts Of 2010 - Number 3

It's been a huge year for Gizmodo. And as we wind down for the final week of 2010, it's time to sit back in our bright red Hefner bathrobe, swirl our snifter of brandy and reflect on the biggest US and Australian stories of the year.

Number 3: The Triceratops Never Existed

Okay, the headline is a little bit misleading, but it doesn't negate the scientific validity of the discovery. The discovery that the Triceratops is actually just a juvenile form of the Torosaurus, and that the dinosaur's skull actually changed shape as it grew older. There was no confirmation of this theory, but it's actually more likely that if it came down to which dinosaur kept its name, the Triceratops would win. Fascinating, isn't it?

Come back tomorrow to find out what came in at number two...

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