The Top US Posts Of 2010 - Number 1

It's been a huge year for Gizmodo. And as we wind down for the final week of 2010, it's time to sit back in our bright red Hefner bathrobe, swirl our snifter of brandy and reflect on the biggest US and Australian stories of the year.

Number 1: This Clip Is Proof That Birds Are Secretly Composers

A one-minute twenty-five-second video of music "composed" by birds was our biggest individual story of the year. Even though technically it was from last year. It just goes to show the strength of social sites like Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon in terms of keeping traffic ticking over on a major technology news site, because not only was this our biggest story, it was the biggest by a long shot, with more than 375,000 UBs over 2010...

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