The Tannenboing: A Different Kind Of Christmas Tree

For those tired of traditional Christmas trees - their prickly needles, their tiresome ornaments, their limited lifespans - there's another way! The Tannenboing, which bills itself as the "modern, sustainable" Christmas tree, is low on upkeep but high on surreal futuristic style.

So what exactly is your new tree? A brushed aluminium spiral that extends to a height of six feet when suspended from the ceiling. It can hold up to 250 items weighing up to 9kg around its curving track, and it will either have the effect of making it look like you have a whole whole lot of presents under your tree or not really very many at all. I can't quite figure it out.

The Tannenboing was born out of a desire for truly green Christmas tree:

For years my husband, and I tried to find a way to decorate for the holidays without increasing our carbon footprint. Plastic trees, made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and shipped from China, didn't appeal to our aesthetic or ethics. The idea of buying a "live" Christmas tree to enjoy for a couple of weeks was also a problem. For many years, our solution was neither cheerful nor grand; it was a potted Norfolk Pine that my family dubbed the, "Charlie Brown Christmas tree."

After conceiving the original idea of a spiral, aluminium tree, I consulted with an industrial designer, a mechanical engineer, and several metalsmiths. Nearly two years and thirty prototypes later, I'm so pleased to offer tannenboing – a truly modern, sustainable Christmas tree – for you to enjoy for years to come.

Nice! You can order yours online over at the Tanenboing site. [Tanenboing via 2Modern]

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