The Presentation Laser Pointer Gets A Backlit 72-Key QWERTY Upgrade

Power Point presentations and their ilk are evil, nasty things, and will continue to glaze eyeballs over for years to come, sure, but as long as the presenter's tools stay cool we'll be all right, right?

This particular tool from Chinavision (yes, that Chinavision), retails for a modest $US45 and combines the venerable laser pointer with a 72-key QWERTY Bluetooth keyboard. There's also a tiny trackpad there for on the fly modifications, and the whole thing illuminates should you enjoy conducting some of your creepier presentations in a dark room.

The battery purportedly lasts a week, although laser and backlight illumination probably drain it a bit faster than that.

Of course, this can also be used outside the presentation world for home theatres and whatnot, but come on—this thing was obviously bred for the quarterly financial results circuit. [Chinavision via technabob]

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