The Harrowing Tale Of An Amtrak Train Stuck On The Rails For 10 Hours

A train from Baltimore to Philadelphia stalled on the tracks for ten hours last night. With doors locked and electricity waning, passengers cried and fought for emergency rations. A local news reporter happened to be on board, and tweeted it.

D.C. reporter Stephen Tschida, of ABC affiliate WJLA-TV, was on the train as rations fell short, cold set in, and passengers swelled into an anarchic mob. As @ABC7Stephen, he chronicled it all, 140 characters at a time. Here is our brave correspondent's story, unabridged and arranged chronologically:

Politico's Ben Smith called the ordeal "the Donner Party of Amtrak." 12/16/10-12/17/10: Never Forget. [@ABC7Stephen, Atlantic Wire, image via AP]

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