The Gizmodo 12 Days Of Christmas Gift Guide

The Gizmodo 12 Days Of Christmas Gift Guide

On the ninth day of Christmas, Gizmodo gave to me…

 src=Nine gamers dancing
Even though the very concept of dancing is like kryptonite to the mind of any serious, self-respecting gamer, there’s something about Dance Central on the Kinect that can turn any awkward geek into a Justin Timberlake-like dancer. It’s as good an example of Kinect’s potential as any game made so far, and is surprisingly fun.
$199 + $90 for Dance Central
[Xbox] [imgclear]

Eight Scarves All Silky[imgclear]

Seven screens with dimming[imgclear]

Six games worth playing[imgclear]

Five Sundial Rings[imgclear]

Four Angry Birds[imgclear]

Three Magic Pens[imgclear]

Two iPhone gloves

And a large pack of AA batteries