The Gizmodo 12 Days Of Christmas Gift Guide

The Gizmodo 12 Days Of Christmas Gift Guide

 title= On the eighth day of Christmas, Gizmodo gave to me…

 title= Eight Scarves All Silky Not just any scarf. We’re talking Bacon Scarves. The guys at ThinkGeek have used the Internet’s favourite meat product as the inspiration for their 100% Habotai silk scarves. Hand painted to resemble the tasty, tasty meat, each scarf is unique, and visually delicious. $US57 [ThinkGeek] [imgclear]

 title= Seven screens with dimming[imgclear]

 title= Six games worth playing[imgclear]

 title= Five Sundial Rings[imgclear]

 title= Four Angry Birds[imgclear]

 title= Three Magic Pens[imgclear]

 title= Two iPhone gloves[imgclear]

 title= And a large pack of AA batteries