The Gizmodo GizMod Rukus: Our Own Personal Drive-In

As some of you noted in the comments after we installed the PS3, the GizMod Rukus has an HD movie and games system, and three standard definition screens. So this week, we've decided to change that by installing an Epson TW450 HD projector.

Installed by the guys at Concord Customs, the Epson is capable of giving us a 720p, 300-inch screen anywhere we go. It's not Full HD, but that was a sacrifice we had to make based on size and weight of the actual projector - the TW450 is nicely compact and lightweight, making it ideal for mounting on the inside of the Rukus' boot. Coupled with the PS3 and the NextG wireless hotspot, we can now enjoy online HD gaming from the back of the car wherever we are.

Installing the projector was easily the most complicated install we've done, with the guys at Concord Customs needing to create a cutom fit bracket to secure the projector, and then create a fibreglass cover to protect it. All up, it took them about three days to install, including the time to let the fibreglass set. Mind you, we've spent longer since then playing GT5 from the back of the car...

[The GizMod]

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