The Future Of Food Trucks

Thanks to the success of food trucks like Kogi BBQ's, Los Angeles is considered responsible for the street food craze sweeping the US. This is why a USC architecture professor asked her students to design a food truck for the future.

Produced for a class taught by architect Jennifer Siegal, these designs range from the practical, to the interesting, to the downright ridiculous...

The Teppanyaki truck provides plenty of space for people to kick back while they wait for their food.

The Mobile Water Truck has wings which funnel rain water into containers for future reuse.

And the Dunkin Donuts' truck looks like something out of Mario 64, with vehicles that glide over cars, hang out on overpasses, and deliver food to commuters stuck in traffic (this one still doesn't entirely make sense).

In addition to the additional photos on Eater, all of these designs (and more) are on display at the Border Grill in Downtown LA right now, so be sure to check 'em out. [Eater]

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