The Fury Of Zeus Unleashed

This photo was captured in Athens, at the parking lot of the Olympic Stadium, during a raging thunderstorm. It took 30 minutes and 42 shots to capture the 51 lightnings in this composite shot, using a Canon EOS 550D.

According to the author, that big lightning that seems to touch his head stroke just a "few hundred feet in front of me". [Greek Sky]


    Amazing, I am surprised he didn't have to wear ear protection of some sort. I've had lightning strike the ground near our very very tall gumtree once and I was about 10 metres away from it and it was eardrum bursting loud.

    if you can hear it, you're safe. it's the strikes you cant hear that can kill you.

      Andrew, its the other way around... if you see a lighting strike but cant hear it means its far away (light is faster then sound, so roughly speaking for every second in delay, the strike is approx 1km away from you)

      If theres a strike and you hear it straight away, chances are your going to get zapped!

        Edi, I think Andrew means that if you hear it it has already struck somewhere, chances are that if you did get struck by lightning you wouldn't have time to hear it......

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