The Credit Card Knife Is For The Truly Unbalanced

The only withdrawals you can make off of this credit card are the steaming innards of your fiercest enemy (terrible interest rate!). They can hide a knife pretty much anywhere these days, can't they? Watch how this one unfolds:

The CardSharp is a devious little novelty blade that measures just 2mm thick, weighs 13 grams and is fairly terrifying! It won't be out until January for around $US23, which gives us all plenty of time to revert back to the relatively safe environs of a purely cash-based economy. [CardSharp via OhGizmo!]


    Old news! Steven Segal busted one of these bad boys out in that terrible movie, The Glimmer Man!

    This is certainly something that you would make sure to take out of your wallet before boarding a plane.

    I would hate to see the reception airport security would give you when they found one of these in your wallet.

      They would be too busy fondling your junk to notice your wallet!

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